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Ants Control


Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth. Ants thrive in most ecosystems and may form 15–25% of the terrestrial animal biomass.


Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen to millions of individuals. Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organisation and their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves. 


More than 12,000 species are currently known (with upper estimates of the potential existence of about 22,000) (see the article List of ant genera), with the greatest diversity in the tropics.


How Mossif3 Antzout works?

It’s non-toxic and made with Boric Acid and other food grade materials. Ideal for use in the kitchen, dining area, garden and just about anywhere.


When Mossif3 Antzout is in liquid form, the adult ants will consume it and when it dries up they will carry the substance back to their nest for the nymphs to digest and feed the queen, this then it will wipe out the entire colony. 


How to use Mossif3 Antzout?

Just apply 4 cm of the Mossif3 Antzout onto the ant trail. Apply 2 spots for every meter length.


The colony should be wipe-out within 3 days to a week. Repeat the application if new colony develops.


Important Note:

Mossif3 Antzout is designed to target as many species of house ants as possible. There may be species that won't be attracted to Mossif3 Antzout due to different feeding habit.


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