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Where is Mossif3 from ?

Mossif3 is a Malaysian brand which is owned and managed by Salt Marketing Sdn Bhd (1109533-D) based in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Where can I purchase Mossif3 products ?

We are a SME, focusing on high end retail chains throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Our goal is to expand our market throughout Asia and Oceania. 

Where are your essential oils from ?

Mossif3 products are formulated using only the highest quality essential oils imported from Italy, UK and Australia under strict governance of respective regulatory on safety and sustainability.

Can a person with G6PD use Mossif3 ?

Almost all our products contains essential oils except for Antzout. It is advisable that a G6PD person to not use our products as they might be sensitive to menthol related ingredient like Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, and etc.


Complications can arise; hemolytic anemia and prolonged neonatal jaundice are the two major pathologies associated with G6PD deficiency.

Can families with children use your product ?

Mossif3 is safe to use around anyone & even your pets as it is non-toxic and contains only natural ingredients. 

However, children under 1 years old are not advisable to use our products as it contains essential oil which may disrupt a baby's development

Why do i still see pest after using Mossif3 ?

Give the product 3-5 days ​for it to work effectively as Mossif3 products repel pests using Chemo Sensors Shield Technology by masking the environmental cues they use to locate food, water and perception of its surrounding world which is necessary for survival thus forcing them to migrate.

Is the scent very strong ?

Most of our products such as Twinpack, Lizardfree & Roachrepel has a mild pleasant smell to the human nose. Pest however are very sensitive to the scent.

Products such as Reed Diffuser, Naturiquid & Naturair has stronger scent with aromatherapy benefits.

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