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Now, there's good reason to dance

Lizard affects you in various ways. It irritates you, frustrates you or worst it may even be FEAR.  


Fear of lizards or known as Herpetophobia is very common. Herpetophobia is a very personalized phobia, meaning symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. 


Beside Herpetophobia, lizards can create a big nuisance with its droppings. It's disgusting and cleaning can be a unbearable chore.


Finding the right solution is not that simple. Hygiene, safety, convenience and cost play important consideration. Now, with little effort you can get rid of lizards the safe and hygienic way. This is what we mean by why Mossif3 is your perfect partner to dance with, a perfect reason to celebrate.

Why Mossif3 Lizard Repellent?





Is it safe?


  • It’s safe around children and pets.

  • On product safety, follow instructions   as stated behind the pack.

  • Safe to place in the kitchen or cabinets.

  • Hygienic, no more dead lizards.


How it works?

  • It works by repelling lizards by using Chemo Sensors Shield Technology to mask the environmental cues, denying lizards of its food and environmental information, which is necessary for survival. Forcing the lizards to migrate.

  • It protects an area of 100sqft., generally it takes about 48 hours for the scent to fully cover a room, depending on size. For better result increase usage if area is bigger.

  • Place away from windy and sunny spot.

  • Always leave window open for the lizards to get out.



What’s in it?

  • It’s made from 100% natural ingredients i.e. Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate and essential oils. 


Important Note:

Lizards are territorial reptiles, when there's a change in the environment the alpha male will inspect and assess if there's a threat to its territory that inclusive of the scent from Mossif3 Natural Lizard Repellent. 


Do not be alarmed if you witness the lizard go close to Mossif3 Natural Lizard Repellent, given time lizards will migrate from the area as the scent mask its chemo sensory from sensing its environment

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