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Salt Marketing was founded in 2010 in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia at the height of a dengue epidemic that recorded 45,901 cases and which resulted in 134 deaths. Unfortunately, this trend has been observed to be on the increase in most tropical countries due to global warming.


Our objective is to protect families not just from harmful pests, but from the toxic chemicals that slip into our homes through insecticides and pest control services.


Our mission is to provide consumers with better choices of non-toxic repellents that are convenient, safe, hygienic and most of all, affordable.


We are a SME, focusing on high end retail chains throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Our goal is to expand our market throughout Asia and Oceania.





Why essential oils?

For centuries people have turned to Mother Nature for natural remedies in treating medical conditions. Of all the natural remedies, essential oils are the most sought-after natural solutions. Today, we have adopted this ancient best-kept knowledge and have developed natural bio-insecticides that are not only effective but provide wellness benefits as well.


Like you, we are consumers too. As such, we ourselves demand nothing less than complete peace of mind when it comes to using insect repellents around our loved ones. We have long come to the conclusion that if it can kill insects instantly, it will probably kill us too in the long run.


Research has shown that 84% of cancers are linked to our lifestyle choices.
That is why Mossif3 products are formulated using only the highest quality essential oils imported from UK and Australia under strict governance of respective regulatory on safety and sustainability.