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Are you getting diarrhea for no reason?

Updated: Apr 14

Do you know that the food you ate today could have been contaminated by cockroaches last night nibbling on it and all the while generously transferring some dreaded salmonella bacteria from their stomachs to yours?

Quick science lesson – cockroaches and other pests like lizards, often carry salmonella bacteria, zoonotic parasites and other pathogens in their digestive tracts.

These tiny nasties can cause anything from diarrhea to stomach cramps, vomiting and fever.

Cockroaches have been endowed by nature with a fantastic sense of smell. They will crawl around the house, moving their antennae from side to side to smell food in the air.

Once they find food, they will use their mouths to eat it, and at the same time share some salmonella bacteria with you.

"Within and on the surface of their bodies, cockroaches carry bacteria that can cause salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus if deposited in food." United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

But, that keen sense of smell can also be their downfall; ironically, by using nature's weapons against them.

Mossif3 Roachrepel is one such weapon...

Made from a proprietary mix of natural herbal extracts, Mossif3 Roachrepel works by creating a powerful chemical sensory shield that masks and blocks the cockroaches' sense of smell that tells them where the food is.

So, if they can't detect food in your house, they won't want to live there – they'll just look for food elsewhere.

The great thing about Mossif3 Roachrepel is that it's not only all-natural, it's safe and non-toxic even to children plus, it's fully biodegradable.

There's another bonus to less cockroaches – no more dirty, unsightly trails of cockroach faeces around the house.

Learn more about Mossif3 Roachrepel and how it can help you get rid of cockroaches the easy, humane way.

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