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“I scream at the sight of a lizard, even if it's in a photograph”

Updated: Apr 14

Here's a really big word-of-the-day: "Herpetophobia"

It means 'fear of reptiles'. “How serious is it and how do I know if I have it?”, you may ask.

At its most extreme, even the mere sight of a lizard in a photograph can cause a sufferer to be squeamish. And, if a lizard were to cross your path, or worse, accidentally drop on you; your screams are likely to be heard 10 houses away.

Also, if you experience anxiety, stress, discomfort and fear of going into a room where you know there's a lizard hiding inside somewhere – well, it looks like you could be suffering from Herpetophobia.

  1. Fact: Lizards are here to stay.

  2. Fact: It doesn't have to be your home they're staying in.

Lizards come into your home, not because they sense your phobia; it's because like most reptiles, lizards have a very keen sense of smell.

They will quickly zero in on food wherever they can find them – on tables, in the kitchen and garbage bins. They can even bite through plastic bags if the food is tasty enough.

But, good news, their keen sense of smell can be used to work against them. Just as the smell of food attracts them, certain smells repel them instead, especially the smell of natural herbal extracts.

Mossif3 Lizardfree lizard repellant works precisely that way – it's a safe, non-toxic lizard repellant that uses natural herbal extracts to create a powerful chemical sensory shield that masks and blocks the 'smelly' cues lizards rely on to sniff out food.

So, when their olfactory systems are disrupted, they tend to avoid houses that are not 'smell-friendly' to them.

The best part is, Mossif3 Lizardfree doesn't kill, it only repels them. And, besides being safe, non-toxic (even to children), it's fully bio-degradable, too.

To use Mossif3 Lizardfree, simply place a sachet in places where lizards are likely to be found and it'll go to work for you for the next 90 days.

Within days of using Mossif3 Lizardfree, you should notice less and less lizard droppings around the house. They can't smell food in your house, so they'll pack up and leave.

With Mossif3 Lizardfree, and no more lizards, you can finally be the king or queen of your own castle again.

Learn more about Mossif3 Lizardfree and how it can help you get rid of lizards the easy, stress-free way.

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