Ratzfree48 / Heater

Ratzfree48 / Heater

Ratzfree is non toxic, it's made with herbal extracts
It has 4 benefits:

1. Repels rat.
2. Uplifting scent.
3. Eliminates bad odors by killing air borne germs.
4. Convenient and cost effective, no dead rats issue to deal with.

Just open the cap and screw the bottle onto a vaporizer heater. The content will last about 48 nights/480 hours whichever come first.

Switch on 2 hours before lights off to allow the scent to envelope the area. It protects an area of about 100sq/ft, about the size of a small kitchen. For bigger area please increase accordingly.

Ratzfree is not recommended for open space or outdoor use.

Keep product away from reach of children. If swallow consult doctor immediately.

How it works?
Ratzfree works by blocking the environmental cues rats use to locate its food and water. No food, no water, no nest to worry about.