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Usage Tips

How to get rid of mosquitoes fast ?

The fastest and most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to spray your room, hall and other areas in the house with Naturair Spray.

Before you spray, open all the windows and doors and then spray until the room is enveloped with the scent. After 5 minutes, close all windows and doors. This method can also be applied to homes that are fitted with mosquito screens.

For best results, follow through with Reed Diffusers if the room is about 120 sqm in size. If it is a small room of about only 30sqm, you may use gel formula repellents like NATURAL or RAINFOREST that comes in Twin Pack or Naturiquid Aroma Vapour

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Fast Results

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Follow through protection


Getting more with less

The next time when you are shopping for air fresheners and insecticides, consider switching to Mossif3 products, as almost all offers 3-in-1 benefits – from keeping your home, car or office free of pests, to the wellness of body and mind through their aroma therapeutic qualities and the peace of mind from using these natural bio-insecticides made from the highest quality essential oils.

Mossif3 gets you more with less.

Herbal Oils

Increasing Effectiveness

Essential oils are highly volatile, there are 4 factors that may affect their effectiveness: 

1. Coverage

2. Wind Circulation

3. Placement

Ensure that the coverage area is according to specification as stated on the label for best results.

Place repellents where there is minimum wind circulation, as the scent requires about 4 hours to fully envelope the coverage area.

Place repellent where the pest is often found i.e. entry points or routes that the pest usually frequent. Try few different placements until you get the best result if there are multiple entry points. 

4. Heat & Light

Essential oils are sensitive to heat and strong light, therefore try to place the repellent away from sun and hot area, unless advise otherwise.

Ingrained Perceptions

We often equate results and proof of effectiveness in the form of dead mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and etc. However, the reality is that these fast-acting synthetic poisons prevalent is many off-the-shelf insecticides will affect our indoor air quality as highlighted by WHO which claims indoor air quality in most cites have become worst than the outdoor. 


Mossif3 on the other hand works by masking the chemo sensors of pests from picking up the environmental cues that they use to locate their victims or food, denying them food and shelter, on the contrary, it has therapeutic benefits to human which most off-the-shelf insecticides do not have. 

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