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Do nothing and your lizard problem will go away!

Updated: Apr 14

You've just come back from work. You're tired. You're hungry. Your kids are hungry.

And there're lizard droppings everywhere. On the dining table. On the walls. On the kitchen counter. In the kitchen sink...


Now, imagine the next time you come home and there's almost no lizard droppings anywhere to be seen.

The best part is, you don't have to do anything (well, almost anything) to enjoy this blissful state.

Instead of trying to kill these pesky lizards, what if you could make them leave on their own?

The answer is, 'Yes, you can'. With lizard repellants. But not just any lizard repellant.

What if this lizard repellant is made from natural herbal extracts?

What if this lizard repellant is safe, and non-toxic to humans, especially children?

What if all you have to do is simply place this lizard repellant in certain parts of your home and forget about it for the next 90 days while it works to keep the lizards away?

Easy right? Well, actually there's a science behind it.

You see, lizards, like most cold-blooded 4-legged reptiles, possess an acute sense of smell. They can sniff out exactly where there's food in your house – in garbage bins, in kitchen sinks, in cupboards and drawers, on dining tables...anywhere.

But, the good news is, that well-tuned sense of smell can just as easily be used against them.

So, if you could somehow block their amazing sense of smell, the lizards would simply think that there's no food in your house.

No food. No good. And no more love for your house.

A lizard repellant like Mossif3 Lizardfree is one such tried-and-tested product that has been a blessing for many busy people.

Made from 2 different herbal extracts and natural minerals that are proven to be sensory blockers of lizards' olfactory systems, Mossif3 Lizardfree is safe and non-toxic, especially for children.

To use Mossif3 Lizardfree, all you have to do is open a sachet, place it in a corner where lizards usually gather (lizard droppings are good indicators), and let it go to work for you for the next 90 days.

Easy right?

Learn more about Mossif Lizardfree and how it can help you get rid of lizards the no-fuss, humane way.

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